About GVO

Good vibes only is a blog dedicated to using wellness and the spiritual journey to help combat mental instability (depression, anxiety, food addiction/disordered eating), as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation. We believe that having a central hub for readers to come and connect is essential in pushing past the stigma of mental instability, and can benefit many by creating a place where there’s no pressure, no presumptions, and no judgments.

Our conditions do not define us; actually they help us see the world in a different light and provide interesting new perspectives for others to hear. With this blog, we hope to offer some of those new perspectives and change the narrative in the discussion on mental instability. At the same time, we hope our blog will help us explore ourselves and arrive at a place of peace and self-acceptance.

We encourage our readers to get involved in the discussion, and even to submit their own pieces of creativity in an attempt to bridge the gap between neighbors and create a basic understanding of the human journey (because we all have one!).We realize that before we can change the world, the work starts at home. Peaceful people = a peaceful globe.