Good Vibes Only


Hello! Welcome to the Good Vibes Only Blog!

The revamp of this blog has been a long time coming! Let’s dive right in as we introduce this blog and what it will be all about.

Three Things We Hope to Accomplish In This Space

1- Our Mission

Our mission is to help you along on your spiritual journey while you are here on this earth. Truth is, every conscious being is on some sort of journey to understand why we are here and where we are going; we cycle through lives and patterns within lives, picking up bits of information as we go, until we have learned all there is to learn as humans. Ultimately, all 7.53 billion of us on this planet are working towards permanently existing in a place of unconditional love and contentment with the way things are (even if you don’t realize it!).

That being said, our mission is to help you live outside of the confines of your minds by staying focused on the present moment and finding solace in unconditional love, both for others, and yourselves. We’d like to help you learn let go of external stress by providing different perspectives on life and your own internal dialogue while also offering wellness tips (especially in nutrition & yoga). Wellness is an imperative part of the spiritual journey because the journey happens on a mental, physical AND energetic level, and so all three need to be cared for. It is our purpose, then, to help bring balance to your inner and outer worlds so that you may live a harmonious and fulfilled life.

2- Spirituality for Everyday People

We are really trying to help you do the work here! Yes, the work can be scary; it can be tedious and daunting. But at the same time, doing this work is one of the most special and relieving things EVER! As you continue to release stressors and old thought patterns, you’ll realize how much lighter you feel. And though we aren’t therapists or doctors, we try our best to communicate in a way that is real and that makes sense. Our focus is the bigger picture. How you get there is up to you!

3- Re-Shaping Wellness

Lastly, we are here to help dispel and clear alway any myths and misconceptions that may exist within the yoga and wellness world and beyond. We truly understand that wellness is NOT a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. And how can it be? Even though we are all human, none of us are the same in how our bodies and minds operate. Yet, “diet” and “nutrition” industries try to force us all into a box by tellings us this way is best, or that way is worst. We hope that by reading this blog, you will come to understand how to read your own body and let go of the added stress trying to “be well” in today’s day and age can cause!

And so, that’s the Good Vibes Only Blog in a nutshell. We really do just want to help create good vibes in the world, because we need that now more than ever. Everyone has gone through different things, some that are unimaginable to most. Our goal is never to erase those experiences, but create a newfound respect for each other as humans by recognizing those experiences, learning from them, and turning them into something beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading! See you next week.